Revisiting a Construction Safety Management Plan

In compliance to a recent directive from the management of a contracting company, all project managers and supervisors and key construction personnel are required to convene and revisit their existing Construction Safety Management Plan (CSMP). In a highly competitive industry, it always pays to continuously update with market trends and developments. For a company to remain a step ahead, it pays to take advantage of every opportunity that comes in the way. The present document was found not compliant by authorities when the construction site was visited. It was traditionally prepared just for the sake of complying with the requirements called for in previous contracts. Management saw the urgency to update old CSMP rather than running the risk of receiving costly fines and might even trigger work stoppage. This scenario will surely translate in business downtime and bad reputation on the part of the company. A more alarming financial danger could happen when your employee meets an accident as a result of the out-dated construction safety plan.

Engaging consultancy services and legal representation can be an option but only to a certain extent. They can give guidance on how to organize things like proper outlining and structuring of the document. They can help making sure that the CSMP complies with industry standards. But in terms of work methods and safe practices, the people in the jobsite should have the actual field experience. As an example, the person in charge of operating excavation equipment knows what precautionary measures to take in case of heavy rains.

CSMP are supposed to be specific in nature depending on the project currently being undertaken. The work practices implemented several years ago might no longer apply in the present environment. It was decided to have a formal consultation with the people who are directly involve and are the ones directly assigned in the project implementation. Management believes that these concerned employees will take ownership of the plan if they have a part in the process.

There are many challenges in the proper development and cost is a major one. Some businesses seek the shortcuts using advanced templates in order to save on time and money. Guided by these advanced models, the opportunity given to the employees in the case above to create their own plans might just be the key to achieving a well-crafted CSMP. It is a major step in the organization that will enhance the efficiency of the employees and effect positive results in the bidding abilities of the company in the future.

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